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Dr Syed K.I. Bakht

Since 2015 he has been the Director of Academic Affairs at Paris Graduate School. His role is to advise, recommend and influence the senior managers and academic faculty on academic policy issues, both proactively for future developments and responsively on specific/current issues. 

Syed has been instrumental in developing global Higher Education for the past 30 years. He has taught and held teaching and academic roles in many well known global institutions. This has included Bradford University, Cumbria University, University of Wales Cardiff, The London School of Commerce, North South University, American International University. His teaching abilities and knowledge has been greatly enhanced over the past two decades. He regularly received “Excellent” Teaching evaluations from students, peers and management

 In 2005 Syed also set Up Progemini Consulting Group as it Founder Director Progemini is an Executive Training and Higher Education Specialists Consulting agency based in Manchester and London. Syed was also appointed as a UNDP Consultant between 1999 – 2001. 

He gained his BA (Hons) in Business & Management from Liverpool University. MBA at Bradford University Management Centre PhD from the American University and his area of specialism was in Cross Cultural Management and HRM. He is also a member of Institute for Learning (IFL) and a Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy HEA).

Professor Jason Powell

Professor Jason Powell Ph.D, FCMI is a distinguished academic with an international reputation in higher education. Currently, he is Director of University Partnerships at SMS Higher Education Group. Globally, he is also Visiting Professor at The University of Chester in UK; Adjunct Professor at McMaster University in Canada; Distinguished Honorary Professor at Centre for Education, Social and Humanitarian Studies, MSU; Honorary Professor at Tasmania University; & Honorary Fellow in Ageing at The University of Liverpool. Professor Powell has 27 years’ experience of senior leadership in higher education. He is previously Provost of the Manchester Institute of Learning Excellence.
He is also formerly an Associate Pro Vice Chancellor, Dean, 6x Associate Dean of Faculty, Director of Admissions, Executive Director of Knowledge Exchange, Associate Head of School and Head of Research at several leading Universities in the UK.
He is a 5x Full Professor at University of Staffordshire, University of Chester, Coventry University, Manchester Metropolitan University and University of Central Lancashire. Jason is the most cited academic in the world for research citations on age and French philosopher, Foucault. He has an H-Index score of 101 (world class) (Google Scholar). Jason is a specialist in quality partnerships, curriculum development, recruitment and research.


Professor Dr David Weir

David is one of the top academics in Britain. He has been Director of the Management and Business Schools at the Universities of Glasgow, Bradford, Northumbria (from which he is an Emeritus), University Campus Suffolk and Liverpool Hope. He has held Chairs at several other Universities including CERAM (now SKEMA) in France and as Visiting Professor or Affiliate Professor at the Universities of Lancaster, Lincoln, West of England, ESC Rennes, York St. John and has taught at many other senior business schools and Universities, worldwide. 

He has worked with many international institutions including University of Botswana, University of Mauritius, ISCAE (Morocco), National Graduate University (Libya), ESAN (Peru) and the African Association of University Vice Chancellors, UNESCO, UNIDO, the World Bank, EURECNA, The Government of the Netherlands and the Islamic Development Bank. He has supervised more than sixty PhD theses on aspects of international management. 

He is active in research and scholarly publication and has published extensively on management in the Arab world and expatriate managers and most recently co-authored The New Post-oil Arab Gulf: Managing People and Wealth  published by Al-Saqi and From Critique to Action: The Practical Ethics of the Organizational World (New Insights) published by Cambridge Scholars. He was the first elected Chair of the Association of Business Schools and has been a Chair and member of committees of the Economic and Social Research Council and the Science and Engineering Research Council and of the Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA). David has also presented and led tracks at the Academy of Management, the European Academy of Management, the European Group for Organisational Studies, the British Academy of Management. He chairs the Editorial Advisory Board of Cambridge Scholars and has been a strategic advisor to Emerald publishers for many years. 

He is a Foundation Fellow of the Leadership Trust, a Burgess (Freeman) of the City of Glasgow, a  member of the advisory board of BRAIS (British Association of Islamic Scholars) and a Companion of the Chartered Institute of Management.


Dr Roy Ozanne

Roy Ozanne, MD, HMD is a holistic medical doctor and homeopath physician with a background in ecology, organic farming, environmental education and nutrition.

He has come to see that the health of our people, our environment, our economy and our society are intertwined. Health and vitality in each sector supports the others.

Truly integrated medicine is not just about combining alternative and conventional medicine but integrating healthy approaches to living into all spheres of life.

Modern culture has discarded the basic patterns of a healthy life resulting in widespread disease. Allopathic medicine attempts to patch us up but neglects to restore the basic foundations of being physically and mentally sound, so that our health remains tenuous at best. For real and sustainable well-being to last from generation to generation it must be built on fundamental principles of healthful living involving life-giving foods, a clean, wholesome environment, sound life habits and natural medicines. Our health is only as secure as the foundations that support it.

Awakened by his own failing health in his 30s and alarmed by the rapidly declining health of the people and life supporting ecosystems of our nation, Dr. Ozanne rededicated his career to learning how to rebuild health, rather than to fight symptoms of disease. He has found that as the health of individuals and communities improves, diseases of all types decline.

Dr Ozanne began as a general practitioner in 1976. He began to develop holistic approaches to healing in 1983. With Dennis Anderson, Dr. Ozanne opened The Sandhill School of the Healing Arts in 1990 and helped organize The Cress Spring Farm, Yoga and Health Retreat Center in 1998. At these centers, Dr. Ozanne developed his skills and experience integrating a wide range of healing arts, including Homeopathy, Ayurvedic Medicine, Natural Hygiene, Nutritional Therapy, Orthomolecular Medicine, Yoga, Biodynamic and Organic Farming and others.

These centers provided a range of healing modalities, highly nutritious food and organic farming in pristine retreat settings. Dr. Ozanne discovered that the combined benefits for patients exceeded the impact of any single method, and that has since guided his approach to health and healing.

In addition, Dr. Ozanne studied Biophysical, Alpine and Winter Ecology, co-authoring Winter, An Ecological Handbook, published by Big Earth Press in 1987. He taught Winter Ecology at the Teton Science School in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from 1980 to 1987.


Dr. Christos P. Beretas

Dr. Christos P. Beretas is Information Technology and Cyber Security Professor at Innovative Knowledge Institute in Paris, France. His research areas are:

  1. Information Technology.
  2. Cyber Security.
  3. Privacy

He holds a Ph.D degree in Cyber Security with a full scholarship from Innovative Knowledge Institute in Paris, France. Master of Science Degree in Technology Management and Bachelor of Science degree in Networking and Telecommunications, both degrees are from City University of Seattle, USA. During his studies, he was several times on dean’s list and he is a Member of Alpha Beta Kappa Honor Society, Alpha of Ohio, USA, while he is researcher at Global Foundation for Cyber Studies and Research in Washington, D.C. USA.

His research is interdisciplinary and discusses topical issues arising from new cybersecurity challenges of the 21st Century such as cyber defence, cyber strategy, IoT privacy and security, networks, privacy and security. He is developer of various software applications and author of several articles and papers about cybersecurity and privacy. Also, he is a guest and honourable speaker in various cybersecurity conferences worldwide.

Dr. Karabatsou Athanasia Ifianassa

1957 Born in Athens Greece school years in public school in Holargos Athens Greece
1974 Graduation
1974-1978 Mc Gill Univercity, Montreal, Canada, Studies in Biology, Physiology and oral medicine
1979-1984 Dental School of Athens Univercity Graduation and private dental clinic in Kolonaki Athens
1984 cooperation with Implatology Dental clinic in Bombay India directed by dr Firoz Mirza 3 years of experience in oral Surgery in Evaggelismos General Hospital
1997-2019 Initiation of a TV series programme and public speaking about Holistic Medicine and cellular food, 1st edition of my BOOK Papimi Device medical use in my clinik trained by dr Panagiotis Pappas
2003 Diplome in Homeopathy from BSY college in London England
2003-2004 Cooperation with Dr Robert Lyons in Budapest in Hungary university treating patients with KQN water and olive leaf extract
2004-2005 Studies in Homeopathy given by European Union to doctors in Pasteur Institute
2019 Public speaker about medical use of cannabis and olive leaves extract in Samos island Festival
2003-2020 Member in dr Rath Matthias Foundation (Alliance for health)

Dr. George Loukas

Dr Loukas was born in Greece on the 4th of July 1963.

He practices homeopathy since 1982 and has introduced the unifying theory of diathesis. He is the author of the Unifying Theory of Constitution which presents a unified theoretical medical model of constitution based on the comparative study of the homeopathic theory of chronic diseases combined with the theory of psychoanalytic fixations, Pavlov’s typology, the Hippocratic theory of humours and the four elements of Plato and Embedocles.

He has created the method of “Cognitive Homeopathy”
which he has taught to special groups of therapists.

Since 1995 he has given numerous seminars in Russia and Ukraine, attended by hundreds of doctors.

Dr Loukas has collaborated with People’s Friendship University in Moscow in the post educational seminars of the department of Homeopathy.

He has designed hundreds of new homeopathic medicines, many of which have constituted a case study and their characteristics have been recorded.

The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences awarded to Georgios Loukas the Pavlov prize in November 2000 for the designing and the clinical applications of new homeopathic remedies. He has also been elected an honorary member of the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions

He has published the following books:

“Study of the psyche of homeopathic medicines, Volume 1 and 2”.

“Roots – principles for a unification of the human sciences” Medicum Publications.

“Periodic table and homeopathy”

“Cognitive Homeopathy: A new system of practicing homeopathy


Dr Nicolas BADAOUI

Professeur Associé

Professeur depuis une dizaine d’année aux universités libanaises. Chercheur associé au CREC – St. Cyr, France. American Alumni Professor-Fullbright, ancien conseiller parlementaires et ministériel au Liban ; conseiller auprès de plusieurs sociétés régionales et internationales ; Et rédacteur de plusieurs publications (livres et articles).      


Dr Mehiddine gained his PhD in public law / international public law  from the University of Paris. He is also holding a number of Academic and Visiting Professorships at a number of Institutions in Berlin, Paris, Vienna and Istanbul. 

He is also a Legal and strategic consultant for a number of international and national organizations such as  Dpoint Group and McKinsey as well as a number of Lebanese and French official institutions and public departments. He is a certified expert and analyst in international law and strategic governance. 

Mehiddine is also a Member  and legal consultant at the prestigious  London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA). He is also a Freelancer Researcher in law, strategic studies and corporate governance. He has also appeared in a number of TV channels and media organizations such as FRANCE 24, TELE LIBAN, AL JAZEERA who have sought his expert advice and opinions on topical legal and consulting issues.  He is also legal consulting advisor and certified trainer within the trainers base at the International Accredited of Trainers society ( IATSO ) .


Professor Dr. A.K.M. Saiful Majid

Professor Saiful Majid is considered by many in the academic field in Bangladesh as one of the most senior and premier academic of the country.  Has recently successfully completed his Directorship of The Insitute of Business Administration (IBA), University of Dhaka.Currently working as a Selection Grade Professor (senior most level of Professorship at the public universities in Bangladesh). He has held a number of senior management and academic positions that include Chairperson, Executive MBA and BBA Programs spanned over 10 years, and also as Chairperson, Center for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development. 

Saiful received the Senior Fulbright Fellowship Award from the Department of State, USA in 2009, and successfully completed the same in 2010. Also worked as the Wells-Ghani Faculty Fellow at the Indiana University, Bloomington, USA in 2015. Received Leadership Education Award in 7th Asia’s Academic Excellence Award Ceremony in Singapore, sponsored by World Education Congress and CMO Council Asia in August 2016. Also received Bangladesh Education Leadership Award in2018. Worked as the Vice Chancellor of Eastern University, Dhaka in 2010-2011. Also worked as the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Eastern University from 2003- 2009. Currently working as a member of the Board of Trustees of Eastern University. Has a multi-dimensional professional career having been involved in teaching, consultancy and research works since 1980. 

He attained his Ph.D. (Business Administration) from the University of Dortmund, Federal Republic of Germany in July 1987, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Higher Education and International Development from the University of Kassel, Federal Republic of Germany in October 1987, and an MBA from the University of Dortmund, Federal Republic of Germany in 1983. Also has an M.Sc. in Economics (with Distinction) from the Astrakhan Technical University, Russian Federation in 1979. 2 Received a Gold Medal for securing the highest marks among 33,000 candidates, Humanities Group, of the School Secondary Certificate Examination, Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education in 1969. 

He has gained extensive research and consultancy work experiences as Capacity Development, Training and Testing, Business Development, Monitoring and Evaluation and SME Sector in Bangladesh. Other areas of specialization include Social Sector Development (particularly in the areas of education, poverty, socio-economic condition analysis etc.). Has worked as Team Leader in various WB, UNDP, UNICEF, Government of Bangladesh, FRG, UK Government sponsored projects. Has a good number of research publications in reputed national and international research journals. Moreover, has also excellent proficiency (writing and reading) in Bangla, English, German and Russian languages. As the Team Leader successfully completed the project on Development of a Sustainable Business Model for Union Digital Centres (UDCs) in Bangladesh, sponsored by the a2i Project of the  Prime Minister’s Office, Government of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh (GoB) in 2017. Has been working as a Member, National Steering Board (NSB), Water Resources Group (WRG) for Bangladesh (Gazetted by the Honourable Prime Minister’s Office, Government of Bangladesh) since 2016. 


Dr. Chua Chong Keow, William.

Dr William Chua is a renowned academic of Malaysia. He is currently Managing/ Academic Director, Principal at Mantissa College/PACE in Kuala Lumpur. He has also held several senior academic positions such as Director, Department of American Degree Program &  International marketing at Stamford College Group, Head of Department and Senior Lecturer, Department of American Degree Program, Higher Education Learning Programme (HELP) University College in Kuala Lumpur, Head of Maths. Department and Lecturer, Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar, Mantin and Sultan Ismail College. 

He also currently olds the post of Professor at VU School of Management, Neuchatel, Switzerland, Adjunct Professor, IPE Management School, Paris,  and Examiner at IPE Management School. 

Dr William Chua earned a PhD in Multimedia Univerity, Cyberjaya and his thesis area was Intellectual Capital & Knowledge Management:  A Comparative Study in Malaysia. He earned two  MBAs, one from Central Pacific College, Australia and the second from Henley Management College/ BruneI University UK.    

Sharif Uddin Ahmed Rana

I possess more than 12 years of progressive experience as a Researcher, Talent Economist, Designer, System Thinker, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Educator, People, Project, Policy Analyst, Innovator in Data and AI. I am dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge, mentorship, and human success. I develop my expertise based on sustainable people, projects, and policy analyst. I enjoy working with diverse youth populations and am enthralled by the opportunity of developing optimal educational practices.

I have published empirical papers in leading international journals based on modeling and analysis of primary data developed strategies and consulted companies on project management and business development. I am a passionate faculty who has won awards for excellence in experiential teaching. 

My current research interests include the integrated world of Sustainable Development Goal, Education, and Entrepreneurship, people and project management, impact investment. Expertise in the following statistical tools: SAS, STATA, Python, R, Structural Equation Modelling (SEM), and SPSS.