Bachelor of Science in Traditional Naturopathy

“ Nature cures, not the Physician “
Hippocrates (Father of Medicine: 460-357BC)
Naturopathy is a system of healthcare with a deep history of traditional philosophies and practices, medically trained practitioners using natural treatment options to serve patients.
We offer full time and part time programs of study with flexible distance learning to meet individual student needs, allowing learners to study from their own homes.
The program is over 3 years

Course details

History and Philosophy of Naturopathy
Anatomy and Physiology 
Nutritional Biochemistry     
Clinical Nutrition
Pathology and Clinical Science  
Botanical Medicine – Materia Medica
Complementary therapies 
Physical Medicine
Clinical Diagnosis
Nail, Skin, Tongue Analysis
Hydrotherapy – Water Cure
Clinical Case Studies
Introduction to Homeopathy
Schussler Salt therapy
Bach Flower Remedies
Advanced Herbal Medicine
Prevention and Lifestyle Counseling
Establish and Manage a Practice