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Duration: nine month period in the case of full-time students. ON SITE OR ONLINE.
The Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations is a 6 module (120 credits) course, with 40 guided learning hours per module. All modules have an additional 30-50 learning hours of optional materials which include recommended exercises, reading and internet resources.
This is a 360 Guided Learning Hour program where students are required to demonstrate interpersonal, self-study and research and presentation skills throughout the qualification. Assessments are developed to encourage skills that will provide students with a very strong foundation for further advancement in the field
Students can achieve the guided learning hours in a combination of face to face classroom interactions, attending seminars, visits to hotels, self-study and group study, as well as independent study and research work.

The postgraduate Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma assessment methods have been designed to enable students to demonstrate Level Seven outcomes for this level of qualification

Program Objectives

To provide prospective Business and Management students with a body of knowledge which will:
Increase and broaden their employment opportunities within the international organizations, foreign affairs, government agencies, embassies and any kind of diplomatic missions.
Enable them to make significant contributions in the area of international negotiations and decision making in the inter nations decision.
Enable the students to gain expertise in International law, government business and to move to a Master in political science, international relations, diplomacy and business.
Enable them to integrate their knowledge gained in political/ diplomatic analysis
Provide them with a recognized and respected qualification which will enable them to complete high level programs including Masters and Doctorate level

Admission requirements

Applicants should be holders of either a relevant recognized Bachelor’s degree (equivalence for non-UK degrees evaluated through NARIC) or the Level 6 Diploma. Admission may also be granted to non-graduates with a minimum of three years’ work experience in the field of study or a related field. All applicants should have the following English proficiency: Minimum English IELTS 5.5 or an approved equivalent. (Recommended English IELTS 6.0 level or an approved equivalent).

Syllabus Overview

Conflict resolution and diplomatic negotiation. 20 Credits
This class aims to provide students with the tools necessary to acquire expertise and practice in the field of conflict resolution and negotiation. Thus, strategy, paradigms, techniques and tactics of negotiation will be studied in depth. Assessment: Exam/ Research
Country Risk Analysis and Evaluation. 20 Credits
This course will analyse and evaluate the risk of any country and both the public and private companies businesses by learning strategic methodology of risk appraisal.
It aims to allow the student to forecast the effects of many specific, real political, financial and economic risks and their potential outcomes.Assessment: Exam/ Research
Current Issues in International Relations and Diplomacy. 20 Credits
The aim of this unit is to allow theoretical and practical analysis and development of the current aspects and events in International Relations and Diplomacy. Assessment: Exam/ Research
International Human Rights. 20 Credits
To identify all kinds of Human Rights including: Minority, gender, ethnic, religious rights or the minority protection before 1945 as well as the struggle over the definition of minorities. It discusses how the rights of national, ethnic, linguistic and religious minorities. Assessment: Exam/ Research
International Law. 20 Credits
Introduces students to the concepts and practice of international law, its sources, the force and effectiveness of international law. Focuses on a restricted number of problems which illustrate the role of international law in contemporary international society, relationships and diplomacy.Assessment: Exam/ Research
International Politics and Global Relationship. 20 Credits
This course is designed for master level student and provides them with the fundamentals of international politics This course allows students to explore the tenets of international politics and relationships to achieve deeper understanding of the topics interaction. Assessment: Exam/ Research