Mini MBA in Strategic Management

The Mini MBA in Strategic Management is a non-credit course
Duration: 5 days
– Online 2 900 Euros (non-subject to VAT)
– On sight 5 900 Euros (
non-subject to VAT)




This Mini-MBA in Strategic Management equips Executives/Managers to manage companies and their team and advise on the future challenges in the function Our mini MBA will provide you with the skills and knowledge concerning the future challenges in the private or public sectors related to all types of managerial and strategic functions whether human or financial. The training and workshops are conducted by high profile International Professors specialist in the field.

The professionals (Executives/Managers) in Strategic Management need to have a wide range of strategic skills and knowledge to equip them to meet the constantly changing challenges facing the strategic functions. This Mini-MBA is especially valuable for people holding a professional qualification (including a qualification in Business management, strategy or related professions) who are employed in local or international organizations. The Paris Graduate School/ Innovative. Knowledge Institute offers students/auditors a unique opportunity to follow diverse programmes, short courses which will lead to professional certificates.. Students/auditors will gain important knowledge while studying in their home country or in Paris:” the city of light”. The flexible programs are provided by IKI/PGS

Admission requirements

The Mini MBA is open to professionals, executives and managers in the field of study.

Objectives of the Programme

Our Executive Mini MBA programme in strategic management focuses on marketing/strategies, with room to discuss many types of brands either luxury or non luxury, In addition to tools provided with the strategic skills and knowledge that you need through case studies.At the end of this course, you will have complete knowledge about strategy to use in your future tasks.

It is a very innovative way to upgrade your skills and abilities for future tasks.

Syllabus Overview

Name Duration *
Strategic Human Resources Management 1 day
Corporate Strategy and Global Business Strategy 1 day
Finance for Strategic Managers 1 day
Marketing Strategy 1 day
Organisational Behaviour 1 day

* at the end of the training, the auditor-student will have to take a quizz of 40 questions.

Next sessions

  • - November 7th 2022
  • - February 6th 2023
  • - March 6th 2023

Course leader

Dr Souha Akiki



Application deadlines
The contract must be signed at least 15 days before the start of the session.

Accessibility: For people with physical disabilities, please contact us.

Action tracking:
– Signature by the professor of the presence of the students and the professor.

– A diploma and/or certificate of achievement.

Teaching and Learning Approaches

Passing grades and equivalent

To be awarded a Mini MBA, students must attend the 5 day lecture and take the 40 questions quizz.

Confirmation of the questions already answered on the application online.
Satisfaction rating at the end of the session.

Updated at 07/04/2022