Do not begin the test until the examiner has read these instructions with you.

  1. This test contains 100 items.These are divided into three parts:
  • Part I is a grammar test
  • Part II is a vocabulary test; and Part HI is a test of reading comprehension.
    There are examples at the beginning of each part to show you how to answer the problems.

2. Each problem in the test has only one best answer. Make only one mark on your answer sheet for each problem. If you want to change an answer, erase the old mark or cross it out several times.

3. Do not make any marks on this test booklet.Write only on your answer sheet.

4. The examiner will not explain any test problem; only the examples in each part may be explained if you do not understand how to do the problems.

5. Try to answer all the problems. Each problem counts the same.

6. You will have 75 minutes to finish the entire test. Do not spend too much time on any one problem or you will not have time to finish the test. If you do not know the answer to a problem, you should make a reasonable guess. Unanswered problems will be counted wrong.

7. Continue working until you have finished the test. Do not stop after each part.

8. Begin the test now.

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