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3 years


13 000 Euros/year (non-subject to VAT)

Study mode

Full-time or part-time online


How do you start out in business and oversee a project successfully? What skills do you need to be an effective manager or leader? the student gains comprehensive knowledge of the main functional areas of an organisation. He/she studies a wide range of subjects and develop practical managerial skills to prepare for a successful career in any aspect of business.
The student will develop a broad understanding of business management essentials by learning about leadership and management skills, business strategy, organisational behaviour, business law, business research methods, ethics, marketing, and finance. He/she can also choose a project type that suits their interests (dissertation, consultancy project, or international entrepreneurship project) in the final year of the degree.

Objective of the programme

  • To promote an understanding of understanding of the body of knowledge in the functional areas of business.
  • To provide students with a programme offering a balance of theory, case studies and practical skills that will facilitate students intellectual and professional development.
  • To develop students’ analytical tools for decision making in a business world of complex business issues and problems.
  • To equip students with the necessary knowledge of the organisational skills for the effective implementation of policy in the context of the organisation.
  • To develop skills of leadership, teamwork and supervision, and skills of effective oral and written communication, presentation, and critical thinking.
  • To furnish students with an understanding of the ability to use technology as a tool of effective management.
  • To equip students’ abilities for ethical decision-making.
  • To prepare students’ ability to function effectively in diverse and global business environment.

Syllabus Overview

 Name ECTS Credits Hours*
Year 1
 Introduction to Business  15  20
 Business Accounting & Finance  15  20
 Introduction to Marketing  15  20
 Business Communication Skills  15  20
 Management Theories & Practice  15  20
 Study Skills  15  20
 Business and Managerial Economics  15  20
 Information Systems & Management  15  20
Year 2
Human Resource Management  15  20
Managerial Finance  15  20
Business Research Methodology  15  20
Marketing Management  15  20
International Business  15  20
Entrepreneurship  15  20
Business Law & Ethics  15  20
Personal & Professional Development  15  20
Year 3
Strategic Management  15  20
Leadership  15  20
Management Information Systems (MIS)  15  20

* including lectures and self study and research



Project research (60 ECTS credits)
To formulate a research specification on a chosen topic, implement the research project, evaluate and present the research findings

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