Innovative Knowledge Institute is “est un établissement privé d’enseignement supérieur libre ouvert au titre du Code de l’Education – Decret du 25 janvier 1876 – Article L. 731-2, L. 731-3 et L. 731-4 sous le numéro E 13-09” a private higher education institute which is legally open under French Code – Decree of January 25th, 1876, Articles L. 731-2, L. 731-3 and L. 731-4 – since June 25, 2013 under receipt No. E-13-09  to offer higher education awards. The UAI (unité administrative immatriculée) is 0755731X.

For details, please visit Ministry of Education’s website at

Innovative Knowledge Institute Paris Graduate School is accredited by California University FCE

California University FCE (CUFCE) is a reputable higher education assessment institution in the State of California Educational System and has an active agreement with Innovative Knowledge Institute Paris Graduate School to evaluate our graduates upon completion, ensuring high-quality educational attainment. CUFCE assessments are accepted by federal agencies, state goverments, local municpalities, private companies, non-for-profits, and universites. CUFCE operates the Beverly Hills RC School as well as the California University FCE Adult Education Assessment Evaluation programs. CUFCE has agreements with a consortium of accredited colleges and universities that accepts assessments of adult education studies for college degree programs.  ***The United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM) accepts California University FCE evaluation reports for the Federal Civil Service jobs

California University FCE, President Luis Amorsolo and staff are members of the following higher education organizations recognized by Ed.Gov and CHEA: Key in: any of the organizations listed below at:

UNESCO NGO BRANCH – CHEA International Quality Group. – California University FCE is recognized by the United Nations NGO Branch as an evaluator of curriculum and academic programs.

EUROPEAN COMMISSION – CORDIS- Executive Branch of the European government. – California University FCE is accepted as one of its partners in higher education.

AIEA – Association of International Education Administrators. Among its members are Presidents of regionally and nationally accredited universities, Presidents and Administrators of recognized higher education organizations; such as the American Council on Education (ACE), California University FCE( CUFCE), World Education Service, Inc (WES) and Educational CredentialEvaluators, Inc; from the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). The U.S. Department of Education is also a member. Please click the above heading.

NACE – National Association of Colleges and Employers.  Currently, more than 5,200 college career services practitioners at nearly 2,000 colleges and universities and more than 3,000 HR professionals focused on college relations and recruiting hold membership in NACE. Click on “C” to find “California University FCE” in its member organizations

NAFSA – Association of International Educators.  This is a very notable organization of international educators. CUFCE is an 8 year member of NAFSA >Key in: “California University F C E.” NAFSA is registered with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).

EAIE – European Association for International Education.  This is the most prestigious higher education organization in Europe.

WORLDWIDE CLASSROOM – Worldwide.Edu.  It is a consortium for International Education and Multicultural Studies. To verify, please click: CUFCE. You may also type 52053 into the search bar of Google and Yahoo.

ICAE – The International Center for Academic Evaluation is the leading non-profit association of international academic credential evaluation  services.  California University FCE is a member.

ICAE is recognized by BVI/National Commission for UNESCO. UNESCO – World Higher Education Database

The United States Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the most trusted Consumer Rights’ Advocate and the highest private consumer protection agency in the United States of America.  California University FCE is a BBB accredited institution with an exemplary A+ rating.


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