Master in Sustainable Development

Credit Course



18 months


14,500 (non-subject to VAT)

Study mode

Full-time or part-time online

Course leader

Dr. Aderemi Oladele


This program advances the knowledge of Sustainable Development and environmental management, the policy process, nature and practice of the subjects as a concept and field of practice in international development, public policy and business management. It is tailored to provide leaders and prospective leaders in the public, private and non-profit sector the knowledge required to build capacity, coordinate and manage the implementation of SDGs.

The programme is a 180-credits Master’s degree organized around 6 compulsory course units of 20 credits each. Students are required to pass all 6 courses, write and defend a compulsory final dissertation to earn the degree. In most cases students are asked to complete a minimum of 3 months internship or industrial training as additional requirements.

Classes could either be taken onsite or online. Onsite students complete the course work in 1 academic year and would write the required dissertation leading to the award of the degree. Students studying online have the advantage to take the coursework at their rhythm, apart from the compulsory online sessions, but must complete the course work with the required assignments and final dissertation in a maximum of 18 months.

Objective of the programme

  • To promote the understanding of the concepts of Sustainable Development and Environmental Management.
  • To promote the understanding of how policy-makers and other stakeholders can apply policies to the governance of scarce resources and the preservation of the environment.
  • To assist in making informed decisions in different professional and leadership roles at present and in future
  • To assist in the application of the principles and concepts leant in the course of their study to their respective professions and future career responsibilities be it in the private, public and non-governmental sector.

Syllabus Overview

Name ECTS Credits Hours *
Research protocol and Methodology 15 20 hours
What is Sustainable Development? 15 20 hours
Environmental Management: Saving the Planet 15 20 hours
Ethics: Professional, Personal and General Ethics towards a Sustainable World 15 20 hours
Social Responsibility and Innovation 15 20 hours
Education and Sustainable Development 15 20 hours
The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development as an International Policy and Results Framework for the Environment and Sustainable Development 15 20 hours
Blue/Ocean Economy 15 20 hours

* including lectures and self study and research

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