The BBA is a 360 credit course
Duration: 3 years
FEES: 13 000 Euros/year (non-subject to VAT)
Full-time and part-time

Retention rate : available in 2026
Placement rate : available in 2026


How do you start out in business and oversee a project successfully? What skills do you need to be an effective manager or leader? the student gains comprehensive knowledge of the main functional areas of an organisation. He/she studies a wide range of subjects and develop practical managerial skills to prepare for a successful career in any aspect of business.
The student will develop a broad understanding of business management essentials by learning about leadership and management skills, business strategy, organisational behaviour, business law, business research methods, ethics, marketing, and finance. He/she can also choose a project type that suits their interests (dissertation, consultancy project, or international entrepreneurship project) in the final year of the degree.

Admission requirements

Applicants will be admitted to the Bachelors of Business Management course, students normally will satisfy the following requirements.

  • Course Duration – 3 years
  • Equivalent to a 3 year European / UK honours degree / National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level: 4, 5 & 6

On Entry a student must:

  • Obtain at least 3 relevant subjects at ‘A’ level and at least 3 further subjects at GCSE or GCE ‘O’ level French Baccalaureat or equivalent
  • Equivalent overseas qualifications, if English is not the first language, a minimum of IELTS of 5.5 with no skill level below 5.0

▪ PGS English Test
▪ IELTS of 5.5 (International Students only)
* International qualifications will be checked for appropriate matriculation to
European Higher Education undergraduate programmes

Objectives of the Programme

  • To promote an understanding of understanding of the body of knowledge in the functional areas of business.
  • To provide students with a programme offering a balance of theory, case studies and practical skills that will facilitate students intellectual and professional development.
  • To develop students’ analytical tools for decision making in a business world of complex business issues and problems.
  • To equip students with the necessary knowledge of the organisational skills for the effective implementation of policy in the context of the organisation.
  • To develop skills of leadership, teamwork and supervision, and skills of effective oral and written communication, presentation, and critical thinking.
  • To furnish students with an understanding of the ability to use technology as a tool of effective management.
  • To equip students’ abilities for ethical decision-making.
  • To prepare students’ ability to function effectively in diverse and global business environment.
 Name ECTS Credits Hours* 
Year 1
 Introduction to Business   15  20
 Business Accounting & Finance   15  20
 Introduction to Marketing    15  20
 Business Communication Skills  15  20
 Management Theories & Practice  15  20
 Study Skills   15  20
 Business and Managerial Economics  15  20
 Information Systems & Management   15  20
Year 2
Human Resource Management   15  20
Managerial Finance   15  20
Business Research Methodology  15  20
Marketing Management  15  20
International Business  15  20
Entrepreneurship  15  20
Business Law & Ethics  15  20
Personal & Professional Development  15  20
Year 3
Strategic Management    15  20
Leadership    15  20
Management Information Systems (MIS)  15  20

* including lectures and self study and research


Project research (60 ECTS credits)
To formulate a research specification on a chosen topic, implement the research project, evaluate and present the research findings

Next sessions

Sessions start every first Monday of each month.

Course leader

Dr Kenan Bakht

Director for Academics Affairs


Application deadlines

The contract must be signed at least 15 days before the start of the session.

Accessibility: For people with physical disabilities, please contact us.

Teaching and Learning Approaches

Passing grades and equal

To be awarded a BBA, students must gain 360 credit points, that is, pass all modules, each of which is equivalent to 15 credit points, plus one final project of 60 credit points; studied in three years.


To get your MBA a minimum grade of a D at each module.
Evaluation of the courses at the end of the session.
Confirmation of the questions already answered on the application online.