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Diploma in Business and Management: 1st year

Term 1
PGS 411 Business Accounting
PGS 412 Business and Managerial Economics
PGS 413 Statistical Quantitative Methods            
PGS 414 Introduction to Business

Term 2
PGS 415 Business Communication    Skills
PGS 416 Marketing Management   
PGS 417 Information Systems and Management      
PGS 418 Management Theories and Practice

Advanced Diploma in Business 2nd year

Term 1
PGS 511 Financial Management and Analysis
PGS 512 Operations and Logistic Management
PGS 513Human Resource Management
PGS 514 International Business

Term 2
PGS 515 Internet Business and E-Commerce
PGS 516 Business Research Methodologies
PGS 517 Business Law and Ethics
PGS 518 Strategic Information Management

Bachelor year: 3rd year

BBM 631 Global Marketing
BBM 632 Operations Management
BBM 633 Contemporary Management Issues
BBM 634 Strategic Management
BBM 635 Research Methods
BBM 636 Professional Project