The professionals (Executives/Managers) in the Finance & Banking sector need to have a wide range of skills and knowledge to equip them to meet the constantly changing challenges facing the modern financial sector. This Mini-MBA is especially valuable for people holding a professional qualification (including a qualification in accounting, finance, or related professions) who are employed in the banking or other financial organizations.

Innovative Knowledge Institute – PARIS GRADUATE SCHOOL

The Paris Graduate School as a branch of Innovative Knowledge Institute offers students a unique opportunity to study on-line distance learning programmes and on site in Paris which will lead to a professional qualification.


Training Description

This Mini-MBA Finance & Banking equips Executives/Managers to manage banking operations and advise on banking, and develop a number of bank functions.

The mastering units are: challenges and prospects in the banking sector, mastering International business economy, financial analysis and financial markets and acquisitions, Islamic banking, bank and insurance marketing also bank and insurance practices and management..

Objective & Outcomes

Our Executive Mini MBA will provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need without the expense or the time commitment of a normal MBA. Whether you need a top-up or a refresher, the Executive Mini MBA in Paris is that golden opportunity to upgrade your abilities in one of the capitals of the world.

Contents & Courses

Modules: 5 modules taught over 5 days:

  • International Business Economy,
  • Financial Analysis and Financial Institutions,
  • Islamic Banking,
  • Bank and Insurance Marketing,
  • Bank and Insurance Practices and Management.

The training and workshops are conducted by high profile International Professors holder of a doctoral degree, specialist in the field of Finance & Banking.


For more information please contact:

Innovative Knowledge Institute by phone : +33 1 73 48 14 42 or by email :