Dr. Addo Boadum

Over my period of studies and development at IKI PGS, my inter-disciplinary PhD programme was very elaborate. Prof. Souha, my Supervisor Prof Bakht and the whole team were exceptional. They created time to help me synchronise my professional work as a Banking, Fintech and Compliance Professional along with my home life balance.

The review processes with my supervisor became seamless, and despite going through my studies during the Covid time, we were able to complete this successfully.

I learnt so much over the period – from the other students I met on the program to the meetings and online sessions. All this made the journey a very memorable one.

I will recommend IKI PGS to anyone who may be working in the industry as I was, and still wants to further their knowledge and gain more experience whilst attaining an academic qualification to give you better opportunities in the workplace and as a professional.

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