This program will examine how and why consumers behave the way they do in retail environments, more importantly how retailers manage consumers perceptions and expectations, whether it be through atmosphere, pricing strategies or the availability of digital platforms. The module design provides an overview and emphasis to the world of retailing by providing students with deep knowledge of key strategic decisions in retailing.

Business Management

Business Management program will give you in-depth knowledge of organisations and the business environment, and an insight into the core areas of corporate life, including managing people, operations, logistics, marketing, finance, and the role of ethical management. You will explore how businesses can operate effectively in a multicultural environment, while learning to identify and solve business problems yourself, and communicate your ideas with impact.

Whether you see yourself working in a five-star luxury hotel or for a destination management organisation, this course equips you with the skills to build the successful tourism or hospitality career you want. Study a diverse course that has a strong emphasis on business and management to prepare you for an exciting future in a dynamic industry.